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VAG Series Air & Gas Pressure Vessels

Connection Size:1/4" to 24"
  Flow Rate: Up to 100,000 SCFM
  Efficiencies: To 0.3 microns and larger @ 98% nominal
  These models are designed to remove dust, dirt, pipe scale, and other   contaminants from compressed air and gas pipelines.
  The VAG SERIES provides positive protection for pneumatic controls, meters   and other pipeline equipment The vessel design allows for mechanical   separation of dirt and other contaminants into a large-volume sump area.   Thus, increasing the life of the filter element.

VVS Series Air & Gas Pressure Vessel Filters for Vacuum Service

Connection Size: 1/4" to 24"
  Flow Rate: Up to 100,000 SCFM
  Efficiencies: To 0.3 microns and larger @ 98% nominal
  The VVS SERIES provides positive protection for all types of pumps in vacuum   service. Each unit is individually tested to assure vacuum tightness. The vessel   design allows for mechanical separation of dirt and other contaminants into a   large-volume sump area. Thus, increasing the life of the filter element.

VLS Series Liquid Pressure Vessel Filters

Connection Size: 1/2" to 12"
  Flow Rate: Up to 36,000 GPM
  Efficiencies: To 1 micron @ 98% efficiency
  Designed to effectively remove dirt, pipe scale and other particulate from   water, liquid chemicals and petroleum products in liquid pipeline   applications. Units are supplied with heavy-duty sewn end "radial   fin" elements designed exclusively for use in liquid applications. All   models provide a large-volume sump area for collection of contaminants below   the filter element. Liquid duplex system shown.

VFS Series Coalescing Pressure Vessel Filters

The VFS SERIES filters   are designed for separation of oil, water and other liquid aerosols, as well   as solid particles from compressed air and gas lines. This model utilizes one   or more high efficiency coalescing filter elements that provide clean, dry   oil-free air that is essential in many critical applications.
  Unlike standard in-line filters, coalescing filters carry air flow from the   inside out: contaminants are captured in the filter matrix and collect   together into larger droplets through collisions with the glass micro fibers.   These droplets eventually emerge on the outside of the filter element where   they are drained away by gravity.

AF Series Standard Air Intake Filter

Designed for maximum   protection, this efficient dry-type intake filter has a very low initial   resistance to airflow. This allows it to meet varying filtered air   requirements for all types of equipment.

AFS Series Silencing Air Intake Filter/Silencer

Engineered and   designed to effectively reduce objectionable air intake noise on compressors,   blowers and engines. This unit incorporates and efficient dry-type intake   filter with a series of silencing tubes to help meet acceptable industry   standards.

AFE Series In Line Air Intake Filter

The AFE SERIES intake   filter is a closed circuit design that offers efficient filtration for   engines, compressors, and blowers. This unit is suitable for indoor or   outdoor installation. It can be mounted directly on the inlet to machinery or   can be remotely located in another area of choice. This makes it possible to   duct intake piping to the cleanest and coolest air source available.

AFP Series Panel Style Air Intake Filter

This panel-type   housing utilizes panel filters for removal of airborne particulate for   centrifugal compressors, blowers, turbines and other smooth flow machines.   Special AFP models include:
  ·"Walk-in" units that utilize inertial spin primary elements
  ·Activated charcoal primary panels for removal of corrosive vapors and/or   odor causing gases
  ·Custom design and fabrication are available.

Filter Elements

IFM offers a complete line of original equipment elements. All elements meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturers' specifications and are totally interchangeable with many filter manufacturers, including the following:

Air Maze, Champion,  Chicago, Consler, Curtis, Davey, Dollinger, Elliot, Filtration Engineering,  Gardner Denver, Guardian, Hoffman, Ingersoll-Rand, Joy, Kellogg, Kemp,  Kinney, LeRoi, NAFCO, Quincy, Schramm, Shawndra, Solberg, Stoddard, Sullair,  Sunshine, Tennant, Universal, Worthington.

An assortment of  filter media can be supplied with efficiencies from 0.3 to 200 micron  retention, and temperatures ranging from -100 F to 1000 F. Materials used  include our standard polyester felt, cotton, woven glass, matted glass,  nomex, teflon, Polypropylene, and nylon. Other materials available include  stainless steel, aluminum and monel.

IFM carries in stock a  full line of replacement elements affording our customers quick, efficient  service, as well as providing the ultimate in quality and construction to  economically meet their every requirement.
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